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  • 【 technical advice & after-sales service】

    1.1 After-sales service team

    Neuwillprovides all our customers with comprehensive, standardized, high-qualitytechnical service. All the stuff covers main cities inCHINA; more than 80% stuffs haverelevant professional certificates

    1.2   Servicemeasures

    1.2.1   Telephonecall support

    Weprovide 5*8 telephone call support, during this period of time,operators/engineers are on duty to serve all customers and it is unified windowfor after sales as well which locates in Shenzhen(China) and integrates all sourcesfor the advice or questions from customers

    1.2.2   Remotenetworking support

    Ourengineers can make a preliminary diagnosis with the information provided bycustomers, with the permit of customers, engineers will access user’s networkand examine via remote networking, update the software when it is necessary

    1.2.3   Technicalservice at site

    Whenremote assisting can not fix the problem, we will send our engineer to theproject site. Those engineers in the service centre and at site will worktogether to solve all problems

    1.3   Range of after-sales service

    Duringwarranty period Neuwill will fix all problem products in failure or damagewhich are caused by themselves’ quality without charge till it operatesproperly

    Withinwarranty period following cases will not contained in “warranty”

    Illegible,damaged, torn, altered to the warranty sticker/card

    Damagecaused by improper storage, operating, man-made or natural disasters

    Damagecaused by disassembly, replacement of any part from the products (such as cableor materials)

    Failureor damage caused by pirated software, third party software and viruses whichhave not been certified by the relevant testing and certification authority

    Failureby the technical stuff who is not appointed by us during installation

    Afterthe warranty expires, we provide paid maintenance service and collectcorresponding cost according to the actual situation

  • 【 7inch lobby door station】

    Q1:  Door release invalid in cardswipe

    A: 1, ensure that cardinfo has been authorized to written in to the door station

    2, normal or not in communicationwith card reader

    3. please contact after sales stufffor further assisting

    Q2:  Call invalid with indoor unit ormanagement centre

    A:    1, check status of network connecting

    2, check address & parameterssetting

    please contact after sales stuff forfurther assisting

  • 【 10inch lobby door station with face recognition】

    Q1:  Face unrecognized

    A: 1, check if user’s faceinfo has been logged in door station, or log in once again

    2, glass should be wear as the samesituation when logging in

    3. please contact after sales stufffor further assisting

    Q2:  Insensitive in touch button

    A: 1, insensitive insome touch buttons, check that the touchpad is stress uneven

    2, insensitive in all touch buttons, check whether cablein port connecting well or not

  • 【 Q&A of ZigBee smart switch】

    Q1Smart switch can controlalone, but smart gateway can not via it

    A: smart switch is outof network, turns on network access of smart gateway and make smart switchreporting access into network again

    Q2Smart switch can controlalone, smart gateway can not control sometimes via it

    A: 1, remove smart gateway toward to smart switch checking distance orblock between them

    2, install a repeater to enhance signal

    (note1: dual-control of smart switch andcancel operating

    ⑴  after adding tosmart gateway, make dual-control setting of smart switch

    ①  Operate first smart switch, touch same button three times, release yourlong press in the fourth times after blue indicating light is on always

    ②  Operate second smart switch, touch same button three times, release yourlong press in the fourth times after blue indicating light is on always

    ③  When the two blue lights turn off together, it indicates operatingsuccessful

    ⑵  Cancel dual-control setting

    ①  Operate first smart switch, touch same button three times, release yourlong press in the fourth times after blue indicating light slow flashes

    note2:  Reporting ways of ZigBee panels

    ⑴  Switch, curtain, scene: touch same button three times, release your longpress in the fourth times after blue indicating light slow flashes

    ⑵  Ventilation, under floor heating, thermostat: long press on/off button tillLCD backlight is on totally

    ⑶  Smart socket: long press on/off button till red indicating light flashes

    Q3:  Blue indicating light turns onof smart witch, but can not add to ZigBee network

    A: 1, turn on network access in smart gateway again

    2, power off and reboot the smartswitch

    3, multiple operating and make itreport added again

    4, remove smart switch toward to thesmart gateway

    Q4:  Back light  flashes in the panel, can not be controlled

    A: please contact aftersales stuff for further assisting

  • 【 Q & A of MINI gateway】

    Q1: how to switch operating ofmini gateway between LAN & WAN

    A: 1, if mini gateway does notconfigure wifi, it is operated under its’ own hotspot only

    2, after mini gateway configures wifi, whencell phone connects to the wifi, mini gateway could be operated under LAN

    3, after mini gateway configures wifi, whencell phone does not connect to LAN, it could be remote controlled

    Q2:after room deleted in setting, where can find those smart products in the room

    A: afterroom deleted in setting, those smart products in the room are all transferredto no added products list in the interface of device management and waiting tobe reassigned new rooms

    Q3: search but not find hotspot of mini gateway,skip unusual of app interface

    A: check if turning on access rights of our app in cellphone, such as location, suspension window authority, for normal use turning onall the access right of app after installing in cell phone

    Q4: can not connect hotspot of mini gateway,displaying “no network found”

    A: 1. check if wifiis running properly which mini gateway connects with

    2. press reset button in the mini gateway toclear routing info, reconfigures wifi of mini gateway

    Q5: in home appliance control, rest cell phone cannot operate regularly after connecting to the mini gateway

    A:home appliance’s code library is downloaded in localstorage of cell phone, when adds other cells to operate it requires QR code ofthe cell which has added the IR socket, scan the QR code to operate the homeappliance, each remote controller can get controlling of 10 cells maximum

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