get up in the morning (8:00)

At 7am, the curtains open, the sun shines;In the kitchen,the rice cooker makes the breakfast ready, no need waiting.

work away from home (8:45)

After going out, lights, air conditioning are shut down, to reduce energy consumption.Open curtains. PIR motion detectors, smoke detectors and other security the sensors are changed to alert mode.

out of doors (12:00)

Home security alert, receive the remote notification Use camera to check the status of the house, timely processing.

coming home from work (17:30)

Open door to operate the coming home scene, light and curtains are opened,Air quality is monitored in 24h , linkage with ambient air system .Welcome home.

audio and video entertainment (21:00)

One key to watch film, close curtains and dimmer lights darker.Audio and video equipment are opened in turn, enjoy the classic old film.

sleep at night (21:00)

Return to tranquility, close the lights, and keep improving the air;At night, light to the road when you wake up.

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