smart communty system
  • Access control system
  • Ladder control system
  • Community security control system
  • Building visual intercom system
  • Patrol management system
The smart community management system is made by building video intercom system, access control systems, brings in advanced technology, isolated multichannel audio and video transmission technology, signaling communication fault-tolerant technology, to realize the true meaning of the multichannel communication, household calling, video intercom, video monitoring and other functions.

Access control system

Integrate automatic identification technology and modern safety management measures as one, highly integrate with the intelligent community management system, use of computer technology, communication technology,biotechnology and many other technologies. Effective measures to achieve security management through the important entrances and exits.

Community security control system

Be made of the entrance control system and other sub systems , use of access control card, security detectors and other equipments, highly integrate system through the linkage technology layer and community management system, build a more secure and control network.

Elevator control system

Based on the development of digital visual intercom application system, the elevator linkage management system is developed to enhance the information management and safety management of visitors entering and leaving the community entrance guard, and to improve the work efficiency and management level of the safety management of the property management.

Building visual intercom system

For residential area, unit building or group of buildings, it uses of image and voice to recognize visitors.Through face recognition, password etc., it can control lock and emergency management center to send help, call for help.

Patrol management system

Fast networking through community platform management system and access control system, property management center has an efficient management through the management terminal, to achieve online patrol cards, real-time reporting data, record check water etc..

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