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Hi-champ in USA ISC WEST 2017

Release time:2018-01-17 Online sharing:
In April 4th-7th 2017(SGT),Hi-champ was presented at the USA ISC West, not only show the home intelligent devices and solution but also open up the conception of IoT before the multitude.
ISC West is the largest security exhibition in the USA , it united with ISC Brazil and ISC Solutions to form the ISC system which is the most influential and widespread
security exhibition in the world. As the barometer in industry, global cutting-edge product program and achievement all gather in ISC West every year. It covered an area of 2500 square meters and total attracted more than 1500 exhibitors to show over 16000 pieces exhibits in 2016.

As the focus of this exhibition, Hi-champ premiere the latest home automation devices and solution. People could firsthand experience the HD IP two-way video intercom, Appliance Control, Information-sharing, Healthy system, Curtain control, Background music, Home security control by means of the display box.
Because of high interactivity and practicality all products were extremely acclaimed by users, after a quick look they can control terminal and smart units smoothly in wifi.
“When you leave home or back from outside it’s only necessary to touch the gateways or use the APP then you can feel diversification from different themes. During the R&D process,Hi-champ always base on customer demands and bend ourselves to provide excellent experience of home intelligentzed to global users.”Hi-champ director said.

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