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Hi-champ’s 15 years of products progress

Release time:2018-01-17 Online sharing:
In 2003: Developed smart home system based on Linux system and became a partner with Skyworth.

In 2006: release the first building video intercom system , telecontrol system and land in HK market.

In 2007: release the first smart home products based on Motorola processor.In the same year,land in Taiwan and become the biggest smart home manufacture.

In 2009:New smart gateway products and New A8 series land in market

In 2010: release 3G+WiFi remote control terminal, smart home system on ZigBee tech and IoT smart home analysis terminal.

In 2012:release the first Android+Zigbee smart home system in the world
In 2013: release the first smart home APP,Android smart home gateway,smart temperature controller and power metering socket.
In 2014: release the first smart home system based on bus+wireless system.
In 2015: release the control host Me Cloud and A3,A7 smart switch panel series
In 2016: release the first 3D face rec. door intercom
In  2017: release the small host,H5 series smart switch,APPs.

During 15years developing progress,Hi-champ received much praise from customers and we always bend ourselves to provide the excellent smart home experience to global users.

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