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The first professional Mini gateway in smart home industry

Release time:2018-01-17 Online sharing:

The new MINI gateway,support smart security,smart home appliance,smart switch,smart audio,smart surveillance.
Such six main control systems will make your life be safe and convenient.

Why you should choose MINI gateway?
1、It shows the perfect combination in fashion design and hi-quality.
2、 with 15 years products developing experience to prove high technology and quality .
3、one machine Control 6 home systems, interconnected, supporting third-party equipment,
integrated a variety of wireless chips, the largest expansion of product performance.

ashion compact, one-button cloth defense, remote control, security, feel quality

95×95×18(mm),aerometal after anodic oxidation ,a metallic noble

Full-load integrated wireless chip, compatible with ZigBee HA protocol, RF, WiFi Wireless protocol,
and automatically identify third-party equipments, with super stability and linkage.

Link six main systems,achieve one-key arming/disarming,remotely control all scenes,send alarm and data push.


1、 Energy conservation
Scene module:wake up in the morning,curtain open automatically,you don’t need alarm anymore.
Go to sleep in the evening,lighting become soft and warm.

Support devices:MINI gateway,multi-key switch,dimmer,curtain motor,curtain switch,scene panel,smart socket,IR sensor,IR relay.

Combination feature: whole-house lighting control,energy saving.

2、 Kitchen security

Scene Module: 24Hours real-time protection,sound and lighting alarm in danger,send out the
alarm massage at the same time. Check the situation in anytime and anywhere.

Support devices:Mini gateway,gas sensor,smoke sensor,CO sensor,water invasion detector,Manipulator,sound&light alarm,camera.
Combination features: security monitoring,security alarm,security operation.

3、 Environmental optimization

Scene module: detect air quality in real-time,can turn on the air fresh system in remote control via APP.

Support devices:Mini gateway,ventilation controller,temperature controller,underfloor heating,smart socket,Ir transmitter.

Combination features: environmental monitoring, environmental reminders, environmental optimization.

4、 Caring for your family

Scene mode: Chat with your family anytime and anywhere through the camera. Intelligent record family access information,
strangers can not walk in.One-key to call for help, remote push, always pay attention to family members safety.

Support devices:Mini gateway,smart lock,camera,emergency button,smart socket,IR transmitter.

Combination features:remote interphone ,security alarm,one-key for help.

5、 Audio entertainment combination
Scene mode: you wanna a romantic candlelit dinner? Or a crazy dance? You're the boss of your turf!
Variety of scenes,bring the most pleasant and warm home to users.

Support devices:Mini gateway,Multi-button switch,dimmer switch,curtain motor,
scene panel,background music,IR transmitter.

Combination feature:switch scene indiscriminately .

One phone,simple operation,one-key linkage,quickly master

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